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Traditional Martial Arts

Training in the tenets set forth by Gichin Funokoshi, founder and original master of Shotokan Karate

Self-Defense Programs

Practice practical and effective Shotokan techniques, incorporating certain Aikido and Judo elements, and learn ways to prevent becoming a victim and navigate dangerous situations. Advanced karateka practice grappling techniques such as clinching, takedowns, throws, sprawling, submission holds, escapes, controlling techniques, turnovers and reversals (sweeps).

Weapons Training
Weapons Training

Training in the use of various blunt weapons, such as nunchacku and bō

Private and Group Lessons

Individual and group study and training available

Benefits of Karate

Why Train in Shotokan Karate

Shotokan Karate is a traditional martial art. This means that improvement in character and mental discipline is as important as physical skill, if not more so. Karate is meant to be accessible to adults, teens, children, and those without great athletic ability. Students are encouraged to progress at their own pace. The recommendation is that beginners train at least two times per week.

Practitioners of the martial arts have long sustained there is no better or more effective martial art than Shotokan for self-defense. This is because the art offers total self-mastery, including spiritual, rather than simply a mechanical system of blocks, hand strikes and kicks. For additional background and information on this, refer to the article,“For Street Self-Defense, There is No Better Martial Art than Shotokan Karate”.

Karate is pediatrician recommended for children. Children with special needs, such as ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and ADHD (Attention Hyperactivity Disorder), and other learning difficulties are often recommended to participate in martial arts because of the clear benefits in its structured training techniques. The benefits of karate training for its practitioners include developing self-confidence, respect for others, sportsmanship, and improved concentration.

Enrolling in a martial arts program is one of the best actions a parent can take to prevent bullying. It helps children on both sides of the bullying equation by building up confidence, reinforcing and providing a clear-cut and consistent structure of discipline, increasing respect while mastering self-control, and learning skills for self-defense only, never for offense.

What People Say About Us

“Sensei has taught me the true value of martial arts which isn’t found in violence, power, or speed but in discipline, courage, and honor.”

Matthew Jorgensen

“Sensei Luis Taboada has had a wonderful impact on my life — through teaching me dedication, self-discipline, and self-defense. He is an outstanding Sensei and is always there to teach his students to his utmost capability. Once a student at LT Martial Arts, always a student at LT Martial Arts.”

Josh Sheerin

“My children all started at young ages at LT Martial Arts.  I have seen them gain confidence and accomplish tough tasks but, in the end, they have fun!  This has given them an added sense of balance to their Martial Arts studies and life.”

Shannon Moss

“I have had the pleasure of having my children attend LT Martial Arts school for over two years.  Sensei Luis demonstrates outstanding training!  His teaching is positive and built on mutual respect between him and his students.  Sensei Luis supports, encourages, and motivates students who wish to participate in competitions.  My children and I are very proud of all of their accomplishments and trophies awarded!”

Aracelis Gerena

“My 10 year old son started taking Shotokan karate 5 months ago and he is really enjoying it. He feels that Sensei Luis is a patient and fun teacher.”

Carmella Schroeder

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